Essex Militia Leaders at the start of the English Civil War in 1642

The below men were leaders of a second force raised by Parliament in 1642 to combat the Royal Armies that were threatening London.

By the end of the Civil War, Essex would field three regiments on behalf of Parliament.

 Dengie Hundred

Mr Wiseman JP

Mr Alleston

Mr Browne

Captain Mildmay

Captain Fleming

Captain Audley

Mr Gregory Baker

 Rochford Hundred

Mr Thomas King

Mr Whitaker

Mr Peck

Mr Sams

Mr White

 Chelmsford Hundred

Mr Wright

Sir William Stewkley

Sir Martin Lumley

Mr Talbot

 Other Essex Hundreds

Sir Thomas Barrington

Mr Grimston

Sir John Sandys

Sir Thomas Wiseman

Sir Harbottle Grimston

Sir Samuel Luke

Mr Thomas Mildmay ( of Terling)

Mr William Wiseman

Mr Thomas White

Mr Isaac Joyner

Mr Haddon

Mr Bradley

Mr Hugh Kadley

Sir Henry Mildmay

Sir Humphrey Mildmay

Mr Henry Fisher

Sir William Luckey

Mr Thomas Harbottle ( of Baddow)

Mr Ramsey

 By November 1642, three Regiments of trained men paraded at Saffron Walden

 First or Earl of Warwick's

Lt Colonel Henry Farr

Jer Aylett

Peter Jervis

Benjamin Rolfe- Quartermaster

Major Arthur Dakin

Captain John Hawkins

Jas Silverlack

Captain Stephen Smyth

Col William Browne


Second or Sir Thomas Barrington's

Lt Colonel Edward Birkhead

Henry Perry

John Savell

William Turner

Thomas Wilmer

Jonathan Ince


Third or Sir John Honeywood's

Lt Colonel Deane Tindfall

Captain William Umfreville

Captain Henry Clitherow

Captain langley

Captain Coleman

J Thane

Sergeant John Parker

Sergeant Robert White

Drummer Richard Cayley