West Essex Militia Absentees from Camp 1788

Men that were enrolled in the Militia were required to serve at least for the period allocated to the annual exercise.

If they failed to do so then they would be liable to arrest and then to forfeit twenty pounds which was a huge sum for a working man. If they were unable to pay then a sentence of six months in jail was substituted.

Despite this law in 1788 several men were absent at the time of the exercise and a reward of 20 shillings was offered for the apprehension of any of the men by the Regiment Colonel William Smyth.

Missing from Ongar Division

Robert Field from Stanford Rivers Occupation Blacksmith

James Wright from Chipping Ongar Occupation Taylor

James Godwin from Spitalfields Occupation Basket Maker

James Wilson from Witham Occupation Cordwainer

John Chumley from Ongar Occupation Gardener

W Tearnon alias Banister from Shoreditch Occupation Labourer

George Jones from Shoreditch Occupation Labourer

John Johnson from Harlow Occupation Labourer


Missing from Ilford Division

Edward Spencer from Feversham Occupation Taylor

John Warner from Walthamstow Occupation Labourer

George Cafs from Layton Occupation Labourer

John Murphey from Woodford Occupation Labourer

Richard Jeffreys from Ilford Occupation Labourer

William Paddington from Stratford Occupation Labourer

Robert Jellett from Kingston upon Thames Occupation Labourer

Edward Preable from Borton, Kent Occupation Labourer

Edward Purkins from Walden Occupation Labourer

William Denton from Stratford Occupation Bricklayer

Thomas Keirby from Cambridge Occupation Labourer


Missing from Chelmsford Division

Richard Searle from Latchingdon Occupation not listed

Samuel Wright from Newmarket Occupation Collarmaker

Samuel Wood from Maldon Occupation Labourer

Phillip Carter from Woodham Ferris Occupation Labourer

Arlington Bradford from Wickham Bishops Occupation Labourer

Edward Cox from Cheshunt, herts Occupation Taylor


Missing from Dunmow Division

John Stevens from Upwell, Cambs Occupation Labourer

William Dodson from Swacey, Cambs Occupation Labourer

Thomas Freeman from Ashdon Occupation Cordwainer

Thomas King from Bishops Stortford Occupation Labourer

Thomas Bolton from Braintree Occupation Labourer


Missing from Brentwood Division

Benjamin Hill from not listed Occupation Baker

John Allen from Walthamstow Occupation Labourer

William Hains from Hertford Occupation Labourer

William Smith from Chipping Ongar Occupation not listed


Missing from Rochford Division

Samuel Camp from Kelvedon Occupation Labourer