Volunteer Battalions - Commision Changes 1919/1920

23 January 1920

4th VB

The below officers relinquished their Temporary Commisions and were awarded honorary commisdions

Lt Col J S Allen RD

Captains H L davis , E H Everett, S G Spencer, C W Limmer

Lieutenants A Bower, W F Brand, W Ellis, T Byford, W E S Redall, W J Hockley, P E Hollick, T F Tew, A Edwards and A R J Whur ( QM)

2nd Liuetenants H F Joliffe, C H Sergeant, F B Pearman, P L Morgan, H C Crookham, F W Cottis, W H Cork, F W garon, W L Bullivant and A J Heasman