14th Essex - Brief History 1915-1916

In July 1915 the 14th Essex  was based at Brentwood and were at first composed of the reserve companies of the 13th Essex and often termed as a detachment of the 13th Essex.

The 14th quickly moved to Cherry Hinton Camp, Cambridge and was designated the 14th Essex in orders on 15 September 1915.

On 13 October 1915 the battalion was posted to Hyderabad Barracks in Colchester and on 3rd January 1916 to Northampton.

In May 1916 the Battalion moved for the final time to Tweseldown Camp, Aldershot.

On 1 September 1916 the Battalion title was changed to the 98th Training Reserve Battalion.

From this point most of the men were category men which meant that medical boards were frequent as a result of which there were occasional transfers overseas or to the Machine Gun School.