44th Regiment battle near Fort du Quesne 1755


On 9 July 1755 the British Army fell into a French trap near to the Fort du Quesne ( now Duquesne, Pennsylvania) which they intended to attack and suffered heavy losses.

Details of the casualties suffered by the 44th Regiment are listed below.


Colonel Sir Peter Halkett

Captain Charles Tatton

Captain Henry Bromley

Captain Lieutenant Richard Gethin

Lieutenant James Halkett

Lieutenant Robert Townsend


Lt Colonel Thomas Gage

Captain Francis Halkett

Lieutenant William Littler

Lieutenant William Dunbar

Lieutenant John Treby

Lieutenant Andrew Simpson

Lieutenant Robert Lock

Lieutneant Daniel Disney

Lieutenant Quinton Kennedy

Ensign George Pennington

The Halkett family paid a heavy price as Colonel Halket was at the head of the 44th when he was hit and fatally wounded. His youngest son Lieutenant James Halkett rushed to his side and was also hit and mortally wounded. The servant of Colonel Halkett then ran to check the wounds of both men and also recieved mortal wounds.