Attack on Fort Ticonderogo in 1758

The 44th Essex were part of the British Army supplemented by Loyal American and Canadian Units under Major-General Abercromby who were campaigning in North America.

On 8 July 1758 they attempted an attack on the timber built but fortified fort of Ticonderogo. There were fears that the defenders were about to be reinforced by the French which led General Abercromby to order the attack by infantry with no artillery support.

Although the attack was valiantly pressed it was unsuccessful meaning that the British were forced to return to base. There was considerable number of casualties with 551 dead, 37 missing and 1356 wounded amongst the attackers.

Officer Casualties of the 44th Essex were :-


Ensign Fraser


Major Eyre

Captain Falconer, Captain Lee, Captain Bartman, Captain Bailey

Lt Treby, Lt Simplon, Lt Drummond, Lt Pennington, Lt Gamble, Lt Dagworthy and Lt Greenfield.