Battle for  Aboukir Bay in 1801


On 1 March 1801 a British Army led by General Sir Ralph Abercromby KB arrived in Aboukir Bay, Egypt with the intention of landing.

They were delayed by bad weather and not able to land until 8 March 1801 by which time the French had reinforced defences and increased in number.

When the army landed they faced fierce resistance but forced the French away from the beach and began moving towards Alexandra.

Although the 44th were among the attacking Regiments they were fortunate in that they suffered no deaths or serious casualties during the landing.

By 13th March 1801 the two side faced each other again at Mandora with the French on high ground.

The British Army including the 44th advanced and drove the French back again allowing an advance on Alexandria. This time the 44th suffered some casualties.

On 20 March 1801 The French counter attacked to the right of the British line but were driven back. The 44th Essex were not in the direct line of attack and suffered few injuries.

After the failure of their counter attack the French withdrew to Alexandria which was put under siege and fell on 2 September 1801.

On 13th march 1801 the casualties of the 44th Essex were - 2 Rank and File Men were killed and 3 Officers, 2 Sergeants and 20 rank and file men seriously wounded.

The injured officers were Colonel Christopher Tilson, Lt James Brown and Ensign John Berwick.