Battle of New Orleans 1815


After the exile of Napoleon the 44th sailed for America and on the 8th January 1815 were involved in the assault on New Orleans.

The boats which were intended to paly a key part were late to arrive as were the scaling ladders leaving the attackers milling around outside the town making easy targets for the garrison.

Major General Sir Edward Parkenham galloped to the front and was fatally wounded and the troops were withdrawn shortly afterwards.

After the battle Captain Thomas Mullins was court martialled for failing to provide the scaling ladders as ordered and was cashiered.

The 44th suffered  the death of 4 officers and 33 other ranks, the wounding of 10 officers and 154 men and the capture of 1 officer and 79 men.

Listed below are the officers


Major General Sir Edward Pakenham

Lt Rowland Davies

Ensign Matthew MacCosky

Ensign James White


Captain Henry Debbeig

Lt William McLean

Lt Robert Smith

Lt Henry Brush

Lt Richard Phelan

Lt William Jones

Lt John Blakeney ( Was killed in skirmishing on 25 December 1814)

Ensign Robert L Haydon

Ensign John Donaldson


Lt William Knight