Army List 1821 - Half Pay Officers of the 44th Essex

The Officers below were listed as Half Pay in the official Army List for 1821.

Lt Colonel John Millet Hamerton

Major Fountain Elwin


William Earl of Mansfield, Ranald Macdonald, Thomas Andrew Dudie, Geroge Crozier, John Ponsonby, Charles Walker, William Burnley, Thomas Edwardes Tucker and George Newberry.


John Robbins, Thomas Boles, Phillip Ricketts, George Henry Elliot, Thomas Johnston Palmer, Bernard Richard O'Connor, Andrew Eugene Glynne, Henry Brush, Temple Frederick Sinclair, Richard lavite Perry, William Jones, Edwards Stevens Clark,William Burrough Strong, Nicholas Toler Kingsley, James Burke, Henry Martin, Peter Bunworth, Robert Peacock, Alexander Reddoch and James Christie.


Henry Woodcock, Alexander Beatty, Thomas Aubrey Sinclair, Emanual Burton, Christopher Savage, Michael Mitchell Cooke, William Rutter and  Charles Fraser Henley.


James Williams


Richard Berry

Asst Surgeons

George Barclay and Francis McDonagh