Army List 1833 - 44th Essex List of Officers

The Officers below were listed in the official Army List for 1833.

Hon Colonel Gore Browne

Lt Colonels

John Shelton and Thomas Mackrell


Day Hort Macdowall and Charles George Gray


Charles O'Neill, John Kitson, James Johnston. Benjamin Halfhide, Henry Hutton Jacob, Robert Smith, Jos Bancroft Ainsworth, Arthur Arundel Browne, William Boxell Scott and Henry Lewis Layard


Thomas Swayne, Alured William Gray, Henry Donnithorne, Dobson Young, Thomas Robinson, Edward C Mathias, Robert Bradford M'Crea, James De wend, George James Burslem, Henry Wotton, Edward Chambers, J D Young, George Douglas, Edward Woolhouse, William henry Dodgin, Edmund Stuart, John Edward Codd, Thomas Collins, Richard Pierce Lewis, William How Hadfield, Charles Ernest Turner, Thos Richard Leighton and Fred Aug Wetherall


Tho Watton Halfhide, George Haddon Smith, James Dunne, William Evans, Benjamin Riky, William George White, Fran Montressor Wade and Arthur Hogg.


Thomas Bourke


Alured William Gray


Rich Robertus Halahan


William Daunt

Asst Surgeon

John Ferguson and Thomas Foss