Attack on Malakoff June 1855

On 17 June 1855 the 44th Essex were among three Regiments to press home an attack and actually reach buildings on the edge of the town of Sebastopol for the first time in the Crimean  war.

Sadly the remainder of the army was not as successful and the Regiment was under heavy fire and attack for 18 hours until it was able to retire under cover of darkness to the main forces.


Captain Bowes Fenwick

Captain Charles Welbore Herbert Agar

Captain Francis William Thomas Mansfield


Colonel Augustus Almeric Spencer

Lt B S Hoskins

Lt T Orton Howarth

Lt Joseph Logan

The list only shows Officers but  1 drummer and 23 men were killed plus 11 Sergeants , two drummers and 96 men wounded

Mentioned in Despatches by Major General Eyre

Colonel Augustus Spencer

Lt Colonel Staveley

Major Captain Faussett

Colour Sergeant James Donelan

Private Robert Thimbleby

Asst Surgeon John Gibbons

Asst Surgeon Jeeves