44th Essex Officers in 1856

The Officers below were listed in the official Army List for 1856/1857 which covers the end of the Crimea Campaign.

Hon Colonel Sir Fred Ashworth

Lt Colonel

Aug Almoric Spencer followed by Chas Wm Dunbar Staveley


William MacMahon and Andrew Browne


William Spring, Fred Sykes Daubeny, William Faussett, John Robinson, Geo N Micklewaite, Astley Greene, Godfrey Cooper, Edward Ogle Streatfield, Richard Preston, William Fletcher, Fred William Gregory, Levett Thoroton, Henry Handcock, Robert Baillie, Bradford Smith-Hoskins and  Francis John Hercy


George Ingham, Wm Arthur Wood, Alexander W Cobham, Geo Evatt Acklom, Joseph Logan, Fra Dalrymple Walters, Matthew Skinner Smith, Art Wm Staveley, Peter McInnis, Art de Montmorency Fleming, John Jennings Kendall, Tho Orton Howarth, E C Pemberton Pigott and Elliot A Raymond.

Lieutenants on half pay from October 1857

James Kay, Asim S Birch, Robert M Rogers, George C Brewer, Charles Ford, George Lilly Mellish, Geo E Hodgson, Phillip Merton Pitt, John Rice Newbolt, Edward McCarroll and Tho A M Dickin


Thomas Gash, Henry Leake, Joshua Paul Barker, Henry Norman Salis, Hen Francis G Webster, C Henry Laprimandaye, James Strachan, J Archer Julian Briggs, Abraham Anderson, A Richard Trimmer, Francis O'Neill, Chas Bassett Lewis and Richard Yarde Foley

Paymaster Richard Gilham Thomsett

Adjutant Francis O'Neill

Quartermaster William Hart

Surgeon James Mee

Asst Surgeons John Gibbons, Richard Lewise Butler and John Johnson