Officers at start of the China Campaign in 1860

The China War of 1860 began after the Emperor refused to ratify a treaty that had been agreed between China and Great Britain.

5 Companies of the 44th Essex embarked from Madras in the troopship Pearl landing at the Gulf of Pecheli.

On July 5 1660 Major Faussett, Lieutenant MacGuire and 91 additional men from the reserves left Deptford on board the White Star for transport to China to Reinforce the Regiment.

The Officers arriving in China were.

Lt Colonel MacMahon

Brevet Lt Colonel  Browne

Major  Hackett

Brevet Major's

Preston and Robinson


Bower,  Gregory, Ingham, Walters and  Mansergh


Birch , Foley, Heane, Hodson ,Piggot ,Pitt, Rogers, Rennie, Smith and Wood

Ensign Roberts

Quartermaster Hart

Surgeon Mee

Asst Surgeon's

Kinahan , McDowell and Orton