Officers to embark for India 1872

The following Officers of the 44th Regiment embarked for a tour of duty at Kampi, India on 1 January 1872.

The Regiment served in India and Burma and returned to England in 1884.

Lt Colonel T Raikes


R Preston  and F D Walters


R B Bald, B H Foster, H G Lefroy, C Maguire, R R O'Grady, E C P Piggott , C E Rennie, W D Saunders, W J E G Sutherland, W A Wood, and T S W Bernard


S Churchill, E W Davies, E Edgcumbe, H F Hill, T T Irvine, E Morrell, W Odell, H A Richards, C H Walsh, A J Wilkinson, W Wood and A G F Browne


W P Kennedy , E N Leahy, G H Powell, C D Rosser, M Wynard, R B Farwell

Paymaster A J Roberts

Adjutant W H McHarg

Quartermaster D MacQueen

Surgeon A H Stokes

Asst Surgeon T M Kirkwood