Attack on Bergen op Zoom 1814

On 8 March 1814 the 44th Essex were amongst the British forces ordered to take the fortress at Bergen op Zoon near to Antwerp.

The 44th attack proved successful taking their section of castle wall and displaying the colours on the wall. Sadly the attack by other regiments proved less successful which allowed a counter attack by the garrison.

After smuggling the colours to safety the men on the ramparts surrendered as resistance would have been pointless.

This was to be the last battle of the first part of the Napoleonic Wars as Napoleon was exiled to Elba shortly after the battle.

Listed below are officers who were killed or wounded.

Sadly names of the other ranks are not available but 2 Sergeants, 1 drummer and 38 men were killed while 11 Sergeants, 3 drummers and 205 men were taken prisoner. 


Lt Colonel George Carelton

Adjutant William Henry Meade

Ensign James Maxwell


Major George Hardinge

Captain Thomas A Ballard

Captain Thomas Dudie

Captain John Cleland Guthrie

Captain David Power

Lt George Clark Beatty

Lt John O'Reilly

Lt William Tompkins

Ensign Gillespie Dunlevie

Ensign Henry Martin

Ensign Benjamin Whitney


Captain George Crosier

Lt Frederick Hemming

Lt Temple Frederick Sinclair

Lt Ralph John Twinberrow