Officers awarded the Waterloo Medal

Waterloo Medal picture courtesy of Robert Prummel

The below table shows the officers from the 2nd battalion of the 44th Essex who were awarded medals following the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Lt Colonel John M Hammerton

Major George O'Malley

Captain Adam Brugh

Captain William Burnley

Captain Mildmay Fane

Captain John Jessop

Captain David Power

Lt James Burke

Lt John Campbell

Lt Robert Grier

Lt William Marcus Herne

Lt Robert Russell

Lt William Burrough Strong

Lieutenant William Tompkins ( Awarded posthumously)

Lieutenant Nicholas Toler Kingsley

Lieutenant Henry Martin

Lieutenant Alexander Reddock

Ensign James Christie

Ensign James Carnegie Webster

Ensign Benjamin Whitney

Ensign Alexander Wilson

Ensign Gillespie Dunlevie

Ensign Peter Cooke ( Awarded posthumously)

Adjutant Thomas McCann

Paymaster James Williams

Not Awarded Medals

The below list of men belonged to the Battalion but were seconded at the time of the Battle and so were not awarded the Waterloo Medal

Major Fountain Elwin

Captain John Cleand Guthrie

Captain George Crozier

Lt George Newberry

Lt Robert Peacocke

Lt Frederick Hemming

Lt Temple Frederick Sinclair

Lt-Colonel Gregory