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Biography of some members of the Regiment

Captain Robert GRIER

Private John Leishman McDOUGALL VC

Sergeant William McWHINNEY  VC

Lieutenant William PEARCE

Lieutenant Robert Montresor ROGERS VC

Dr James Thomson

Major-General Francis VENTRIS

General Data on the Regiment

Home Service Life in the 44th & 56th Regiments of Foot

Meritorious Service Annuities for the East and West Essex Regiments 1880 to 1901

Stations of the 44th East Essex Regiment in January each year from 1832 to 1881

Wills of Officers 1807 - 1856

The 1st Battalion

The 44th East Essex Regiment was formed in 1739 as the 55th but was re-numbered as the 44th in 1749.

The end of the 44th came in 1881 when it became the 1st Battalion of the newly formed Essex Regiment.

1741-1881  Commanding Officers

1741            List of Officers

1755            First Battle of Du Quesne

1758            Attack on Fort Ticonderogo

1801            Battle for Akoukir Bay

1814            The taking of Washington and sacking the White House

1815            Battle of New Orleans

1821            List of Officers

1821            List of Half Pay Officers

1833            List of Officers

1833            List of Half Pay Officers

1841            Afghhan War - Officers and Men captured and then freed

1841-1842  Afghan War Memorial

1853            List of Officers

1854            British Divisions  

1854            Crimea Casualties

1854            Recruits from Essex Rifles

1855            Attack on Malakoff

1855            Crimea Medal Reception

1855            French Legion Medals awarded

1856            List of Officers

1860            China Campaign Officers to embark

1860            Battle of Taku Forts

1860            China Campaign - Other Ranks named in report

1866            Colchester Depot Officers

1872            Embarkation for India

The 2nd Battalion

The 2nd Battalion of the 44th Essex was added in 1803 and disbanded in January 1816.

1803-1816 Commanding Officers

1803           List of Officers

1812           Capture of Eagle at Battle of Salamanca including Officers

1812           Battle of Badojoz including Officers

1814           Attack on Bergen op Zoom including Officers

1815           Battle of Waterloo including Officers killed or wounded

1815           Battle of Waterloo - Medals awarded

The Reserve Battalion

A Reserve Battalion, based at Warley, was in existence from 1846 to 1850.

Brief History of Reserve Battalion

Commanding Officers