Meritorious Service Annuities for the East and West Essex Regiments 1880 to 1901


Soldiers of the rank of Sergeant or its equivalent who served at least 20 years, had been awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct medal. and were considered to have had good, faithfull, valuable and meritorious service could be awarded the Meritorious Service Medal ( MSM) and with it an annuity which was often ten pounds a year.

The award was highly prized and only awarded to the most respected of Non Commissioned Officers.

The men listed below, from the East or West Essex Regiments, were all awarded the annuity.

Colour Sergeant W Bauress  dob 27/5/1841  medal awarded 11/6/1880

QMS R Hooper dob 22/1/1846 medal awarded 22/1/1889

QMS F Clarke dob 20/12/1846 medal awarded 15/1/1890

Colour Sergeant H Rose dob 2/11/1849  medal awarded 31/5/1901

Colour Sergeant H Hagger dob 11/7/1848 medal awarded 18/8/1891

Colour Sergeant H Evans dob 25/10/1851 medal awarded 19/3/1903

Colour Sergeant W Whiteley dob 3/9/1852 medal awarded 3/9/1895


Source National Archives WO 101/5