Wills of Officers of the 44th from 1807 to 1856


Given the strong possibility of receiving fatal injuries during their duty, many of the Officers and men of the 44th Regiment made wills during their service.

The National Archives holds the full records which are available for download for a small fee.The names of those held are shown below.

Name Rank Date of will Place
Edward Allen Private 31 July 1828 East Indies
Matthew Argent Ensign 9 August 1813  
George Clark Beatly Lieutenant 1 July 1815  
Adam Brugh Captain 21 July 1825 Edinburgh
John Chilton Lambton Carter Brevet Major 6 August 1828 Guernsey
Francis William Thomas Caulfield Captain 13 March 1856 Crimea
Thomas Danser Major 9 May 1807  
John Donaldson Lieutenant 5 June 1828 East Indies
William Wemyss Fraser Lieutenant 5 May 1827 Rome
Richard Robertus Halahan Lieutenant 3 December 1846 Caronpore, East Indies
Benjamin Halfhyde Brevet Major 15 March 1850 St Helier, Jersey
Thomas Hamilton Lieutenant 16 October 1810 Barham, Kent
Joseph Holden   9 January 1840 Chelsea Hospital
Francis Bernard Jervois Captain 22 October 1813 Badjoz
Charles Edward O'Neill Major 7 May 1847 Jersey
John Hildebrand Oakes Moore Major 15 August 1851  
John Wanton Morrison Lt Colonel 3 March 1827  
James Payton Lieutenant 28 October 1836 Arracan, West Indies
John Shelton Colonel 26 September 1845 Dublin