56th West Essex Officers List for 1833


The Officers below were listed in the official Army List for 1833.

Hon Colonel  Sir Hudson Lowe KCB

Lt Colonel  Howell Harris Pritchard


William Mitchell and George Morton Eden


Peter Shadwell Norman, William Henry Arthure, Nicholas Palmer, Robert Shafto Vicars, Forrester Owen Leighton, Charles O'Connor Higgins, Thomas Holyoake, Charles John Henry, Thomas Oliver Partridge and James Pickering


Warburton Grey, Ralph Piggot Ince, Benjamin Walmsley, John Phillip Hunt, Alexander Daniel Cuddy, James Pringle Baillie, Hnery Moorhouse, Richard Henry Mallison, Samuel Grayson, John Geroge Strachey, Francis Thomas Meech, Amos Thorne and John Russell


Howell Paynter, John Wegg, John Charlewood, Henry Bruce Barclay, Thomas McNeill, Lewis Fraser, William Adam Conran and John Blackburn

Paymaster John Grant

Adjutant Benjamin Walmsley

Quartermaster Robert Copsy

Surgeon Henry William Markham

Asst Surgeons Edward Bradford and William Gardiner