56th West Essex Officer List for 1856/57

The Officers below were listed in the official Army List for 1856/1857 which covers the end of the Crimea Campaign.

Hon Colonel John Earl of Westmorland

Lt Colonel

Samuel Oakley followed by Samuel Symes Cox


George William Patey. J J Bull and Richard Walter Lacey


Richard Anderson, John James Bull, Wm George Margesson, Fox Maule Ramsey, Hugh Whitchurch Austin, John Pye Pye, Henry John Tolcher, William Watkin Bassett, William Clutterbuck, Morton Robert Eden, Hugh Eccles, Marcell Conran, Robert Gordon Cumming, Wm Charles Coughlan, John Martley and Arthur Wellesley Joyce


Edwin William Phillips, William Alexander Goodey, Samuel Henry Harford, Rich Jones Hobson, Patrick Alex Robertson, James F Baxter, Francis Charles Hill, Henry Fraser Curwen, George Sims, Henry Williams, Augustine W Massy, Henry George Monk, Arthur William Monk, Arthur William Turner, Geo Stamer Gubbins, William D Chapman, John William Huskisson, Robert Thos Thompson. Livins Sherwood King, Henry Edward Watson, Chas John Hampton, John R Kersall, Richard Bedford Poulden, Henry Hartley Taylor, Art Nassau Bolton, Frederick Wright, Ron Napoleon Surplice and Geo Wm Harison Truman


Charles Swinhoe, Augustus Spiller, William Bell, Reginald Bythell, Chas G Buckner, Herbert Owen Jones, John Charley and John Lewis Riall

Paymaster Hamilton Finlay

Adjutant Henry Williams

Quartermaster James McGrath

Surgeon William Deeble

Asst Surgeons Francis William Knox, Duncan Campbell Taylor and Samuel Stacey Skipton