56th West Essex and the game of cricket

Cricket was a game that was popular with the officers and men of the 56th West Essex and played throughout the 1800's.

Some of the players are listed below.

8 June 1866 56th West Essex V 6th Brigade Royal Artillery at Portsmouth

Lt's Barnett, Bell, Le Mottee and Stewart

Ensigns Ford, Leckie, Prickett and Walmsley

Colour Sergeant Walker

Private Offer

4 September 1867 56th West Essex V 54th Regiment at Aldershot

Captain Spiller

Lt's W Bell and Nuttall

Ensigns A R Forde, F Leckie and T Prickett

Sergeant Walker

Corporal Carter

No rank given W Barnett, T C Watson and A Greenland

28 September 1878 56th West Essex V Southampton College at Southampton

No rank given

Gadsby , Turner, Rickett, Bell, Molyneaux, Prickett, Cruikshank, Johnson, Nunn, Robbins and Brewer