56th West Essex Sports Day 1867

In September 1867 the 56th Battalion held a sports day at their barracks in Aldershot.

Organisers were  by Colonel Patey, Capatin Thompson and Lieutenant Barnett.

Stewards were Col-Sgt Lewis ,Col-Sgt Leighly, Sergeant Kempster, Sgt Digman, Mr Barnett and Mr Gray.

The results provide us with the names of some of the men who were in the Battalion at that time.

Names are in order of the result, usually first three.

Flat race for boys under 16

J McDermott - M Marks - A Hobbs

Flat sprint race for Privates

W Langall - W Denning - M Qualter

Flat sprint race for Non Commissioned Officers

Col Sgt Jones - Corporal White - Sgt R Walker

Long Jump

Private W Denning - Private M Qualter - Sgt R Walker

High Jump

Private W Denning - Sgt R Walker

Climbing a greasy pole

Private J Clarke -  Equal 2nd Privates J West, A Gibson, G Harvey and F Sheppard

Eating treacled rolls

Private H Symmons - Private J Shanley - Private J Dean

Bell in the ring

Private McManus - Private Stock - Private Nunn

Hurdle race

Private M Qualter - Priavte W Denning - Sergeant R Walker

Hop, Skip and Jump

Sergeant R Walker - Private J McCarthy - Private McEvan

1/2 mile race

Private M Qualter - Priavte F Collinson - Priavte J Levans

Veterans race for men with over 15 years service

Col-Sgt Mann - Col - Sgt Fox - Private W Speight

Flat 500 yard race for NCO's

Sgt Walker - Cpl Kilpatrick - Col Sgt Moores

Throwing the cricket ball

Private T Dukelow - Private J Levans

Recruits 500 yard race

Private Dukelow - Private Cleaver - Private Sidwell

Grinning through a horse collar

Private Matthews - Private H Symmons - Private Crowe

Sack race

Private T Barker - Private Qualter - Private J Thompson

Three Legged race

Cpl J Green & Private A Peacock - Privates W Clough & H Tingey - Privates T Barker & J Levans

Wheelbarrow race

Private W Clough - Private Bottom - Private J Byrne

Bucket race

Private Lambert - Private Sibson


Private Mooney - Private Joyce - Private McEvan

Consolation race

Private Jacques - Private Pickering - Private Sibson