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Sergeant 1514 Bartholomew Gordon

Private William Nunn

General Data on the Regiment

Colonels of the Regiment

Home Service Life in the 44th & 56th Regiments of Foot

Meritorious Service Annuities for the East and West Essex Regiments 1880 to 1901

Stations of the 56th West Essex Regiment in January each year from 1832 to 1881

Wills of Officers of the 56th West Essex 1760-1840

1st Battalion

The 56th West Essex Regiment was formed in 1755 as the 58th but was renumbered as the 55th in 1757. The end of the 56th came in 1881 when it became the 2nd Battalion of the newly formed Essex Regiment

1755-1881   Commanding Officers

1756              List of Officers

1779-1782    The Siege of Gibraltar

1821              List of Officers

1821              List of Officers on Half Pay

1833              List of Officers

1833              List of Officers on Half Pay

1855              Officers embarked to Ireland

1855              Officers who embarked to Crimea

1857              List of Officers

1866              Officers at Colchester Depot

1866-1878    Battalion Cricket Matches

1867              Monument erected at Surat, India

1867              Battalion Sports Day

1881              Battalion Dinner

2nd Battalion

A Second Battalion was added in 1804 spending virtually all of its service in India until it was disbanded in 1817

1804 -1817   Commanding Officers of the 2nd Battalion

1804-1817    Short History of the 2nd Battalion

3rd Battalion

A 3rd Battalion was added during the later part of the Napoleonic Wars. The Battalion was mainly made up from Militia Volunteers and saw service in Holland and Belgium before disbanding in October 1814.

1813-1814    Commanding Officer of the 3rd Battalion

1813-1814    Short history of the 3rd Battalion

Reserve Battalion

The reserve Battalion was formed in 1846 while the main Battalion was in Ireland. Once the main Battalion moved to Gibraltar the reserve Battalion was shipped to Gibraltar and absorbed into the main Battalion so that the reserve Battalion was disbanded.

1846-1850    Commanding Officers of the Reserve Battalion

1846-1850     Short history of the Reserve Battalion