Brigadier General Frederick Gore Anley


Frederick Gore Anley was born at Plymouth in 1864 To Captain Frederick Augustus Anley RA and  Anne Matilda  nee Gore.

Frederick joined Essex Regiment as a Gentleman Cadet and on 23 August 1844, when a vacancy occurred, he was appointed to the 2nd Battalion as a Lieutenant win which role he served in the Nile campaign in 1884 and 1885.

In 1886 he was presented to the Queen by the Adj General, Mr Henry Ford Barclay, at a levee held at St James Palace.

From 1896 to 1899 he joined the Egyptian Army where he served in the Sudan Campaign and was mentioned twice in dispatches.

In 1899 he was appointed at the Governor of the Waidi Halfa province of Sudan despite still being in his thirties.

This appointment was short lives as the outbreak of the Boer War brought him back to the colours where he commanded one of the new mounted infantry battalions. His action included the relief of Kimberly and the Battle of Paardeberg. He was mentioned in dispatches a further 4 times during the Boer War.

Not being content with a quiet life he joined the Macedonian Gendarmerie in 1904 and served until 1906 after which he was awarded the Order of the Liakat.

In 1910 at East Horndon Parish Church  he married Ethel Marion Maitland with whom he was to have two sons and a daughter.

The Maitlands lived at Herongate and became friendly with Anley during the period from 1908 to 1910 when Anley commanded Warley Barracks.

The wedding was hastily arranged as Anley has transferred to the 1st Battalion of the Essex Regiment as Major Anley who were serving in Quetta and his boat sailed on the following day. The wedding meant that Mr and Mrs Anley could then sail to make their first home together in India.

At the outbreak of the Great War he returned to the 2nd Battalion of Essex Regiment where he took command leading the Battalion in the Battle of Le Cateau and for the Great Retreat that followed. His conduct was such that he was appointed in command of the 12th Infantry Brigade which he led through the Battles of the Marne, Aisne and the first and second Battle of Ypres.

In 1916 Anley was transferred to Palestine where he commanded the 234th Infantry Brigade at the 3rd Battle of Gaza.

During the Great War he was mentioned in Dispatches 5 times and awarded the CB , CMG and Legion d'Honeur.

He retired to Sussex where he maintained an active life with the Sussex and Essex Territorial Army, Royal British Legion, District & Parish Councillor and as County Director of the Red Cross.