Second Lieutenant Joseph Culver

Joseph George Culver was born in October 1892 to Railway worker Frederick Culver and his wife Mary Ann Culver.

Lt Culver lived at East Road, West Ham when he joined the 10th Essex at the outbreak of the war.

He was obviously a good soldier as he was quickly promoted to Sergeant and then on 2 November 1916 made the leap to 2nd Lieutenant and finally Lieutenant.

Joseph served with the 10th Essex in France from 25th July 1915 and saw action in the Somme.

He was taken prisoner by the Germans on 21 March 1918.

On 5 December 1918 he and an American Airman who was also a prisoner were in the Prisoner of War camp at Stralsund when they ventured near to the barbed wire perimeter when the American was seen by a guard to have stepped outside of the barbed wire and was shot dead. Lt Culver was also shot by the guard although fortunately for him the bullet penetrated his thigh and he was able to receive treatment and make a full recovery.

He was repatriated to the UK on 19 January 1919 when he moved to Caulfield Road East Ham .

Joseph died in 1963, aged 72, by which time he had moved the few miles to Brentwood.