Private William Nunn

William Nunn was born at Ingatestone in 1838.

He began work at a blacksmith's shop and in 1854 sat the age of 16 he was working in the Crimea as a shoeing smith for the British Army.

William volunteered for active duty and served in the trenches at Sebastapol and Balaklava.

On his return to Great Britain in 1857 he enlisted in the 56th West Essex Regiment at Chelmsford. which included active service in India.

In 1867 he enlisted in the Royal Marines and quickly became a Sergeant. His duties included a cruise as escort to the Duke of Edinburgh.

William was twice married, with four daughters and two sons, although both wives died during his service.

After 21 years service he retired and moved in with his daughter and son in law at Dunmow. 

Such was the typical life of a British soldier.