The Essex Regiment series of books by J W Burrows


Between 1925 and 1935, Southend on Sea historian, John William Burrow com compiled a history of the Essex Regiment battalions, the Essex Yeomanry and the associated Militia up the the aftermath of the first world war.

These volumes remain the Essex historians favourite source of information of the Essex Regiment up to 1920 and certainly used extensively during the creation of this website.

Vol1 1st Battalion and the 44th East Essex Regiment
Vol 2 2nd Battalion and the 56th West Essex Regiment
Vol 3 The Essex Yeomanry
Vol 4 The Essex Militia
Vol 5 45h,5th,6th,7th and 8th Cyclist Territorial Battalions
Vol 6 9th,10th,11th,13th and 15th Service Battalions

John Burrows was born at Southend on Sea and began his career at the Southend Standard where his father was editor.

He moved to other newspapers before returning to the Southend Standard to become Editor and Managing Director.

He was active politically as a Liberal, acting as its treasurer. In that role he was especially active in education, sitting on several committees at Local and Essex County level.

He was a local JP and also active in local history and in support of the Southend General Hospital for which he fronted a campaign that raised large amounts of money for both building and equipment.

During World War One Mr Burrows combined the important newspaper role with that of an Officer

After the end of World War One he was invited to write the story of the Essex Regiment and did so in 6 Volumes over a ten year period compiling the last volume in 1935 , a few years before his death.

John Burrows was given access to the Essex Regiment war diaries/archives and moved in the same circles as many of its officers, so gaining first hand accounts and access to the less formal memorabilia that had been kept as a souvenir.

When this rich source of information was combined with the great writing style of J W Burrow it is no surprise that such excellent volumes have been produced.