West Essex Yeomanry C Troop Dinner 1860

C Cavalry troop of West Essex Yeomanry held a dinner at Shire Hall, Chelmsford to welcome their new commander , Captain Edgar Disney.

Those present included a contingent from Chelmsford Volunteer Rifles

Those present included

Sir J T Tyrell ( Rifles)

Captain Tuffnell (Rifles)

Lieut Colonel Palmer

Major Skinner RA

A Pryor esq ( Hylands)

Major Bringhurst

Captain Lucas

Captain Edinburgh

Dr Bird

Sergeant William Moull of Brentwood

J D Williams

T Kemble

J T Gilson

T M Gepp

Edward A Round

A Meggy

F Chancellor

B Baker

A Priest

J Fairman

H Jennings

G E Pritchett

Amongst the toast given were Lieut-Colonel Brise and the West Essex Militia , Sergeant Major Grey, Sergeant Collis and RQMS Garrad Baker.