Loyal Essex Regiment of Fencible Cavalry 1789-1799

The Fencible Cavalry were raised in March 1789 after the declaration of war with France.

Mr Mark Burgoyne of Marks Hall, Harlow was given command and the duty to raise the Regiment at his own expense.

Recruiting was brisk and the Regiment was soon able to carry out maneuvers in the area around Harlow Bush where it was based.

The semi official name of the Essex Light Dragoons was soon applied to the Fencibles who wore green uniforms with black facings.

In June 1794 the 212 members of the Regiment passed an inspection by Lt General Sloper and was accepted for service at which point they moved their base from Harlow to Warley Common.

In 1796 the Regiment was stationed at Deal as part of the coastal defence moving to Newcastle in 1797 at which time the ranks had swollen to 372 with Mr J Scudamore MP as its Lt Colonel.

In 1797 when the French landed in Ireland, the Regiment moved to Ayr and were ferried to Ireland although the French had surrendered before the Regiment has reached the British Army lines.

They remained in Ireland until 1799 when they were disbanded no doubt to make way for the new provisional Cavalry.