Brigades & Divisions which Essex Regiment served in during WW1

During World War One, Essex Regiment had 17 battalions but these did not fight as one unit as they were split across the army. The exception to this was the Territorial battalions who were posted to Turkey and Egypt for the duration of the war, fighting as 161 Brigade.

The table below shows the Division and Brigade for each battalion.  

Essex Battalion Date Division Brigade
1st   29th Division 88th Brigade
2nd   4th Division 12th Brigade
3rd Reserve Battalion
4th   54th Division 161 Brigade
5th 54th Division 161 Brigade
6th   54th Division 161 Brigade
7th   54th Division 161 Brigade
8th   72nd Division 8th Provisional Brigade
9th 12th Division 35th Brigade
10th   18th Division 53rd Brigade
11th To Oct 1915 24th Division 71 Brigade
11th from Oct 1915 6th Division 18 Brigade
12th Reserve battalion
13th To Dec 1915 33rd Division 100 Brigade
13th From Dec 1915 2nd Division 6th Brigade
14th Reserve battalion
15th from May 1918 59th Division 177 Brigade
16th   71st Division 213 Brigade
17th Reserve battalion
18th Home Service battalion
Essex Yeomanry   3rd Cavalry Division 8th Cavalry Brigade

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