Battalions of the Essex Regiment from 1930 to 1958

1st Battalion 1930-1958

2nd Battalion 1930-1948

4th Battalion

5th Battalion

6th Battalion  1930-1940

7th Battalion 1930-1935

7th Battalion 1939-1941

8th Battalion 1940-1941

9th Battalion 1940-1942

10th Battalion 1940-1942

11th ( Essex) Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery

19th Battalion

30th Battalion 1941-1943

50th ( Holding) Battalion May - October 1940

59th ( Essex Regiment) Battalion Anti Aircraft Brigade 1935-1939

64th ( Essex Regiment) Searchlight Regiment 1939-1944

65th ( Essex Regiment) Searchlight Regiment 1939-1944

70th( Young Soldiers) Battalion 1940 - 1943

153rd (Essex Regiment) Royal Armoured Corps 1941- 1944

459 ( Essex Regiment) Mixed Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery  1955-1961

599th(Essex Regiment) Mobile HAA Regiment, RA 1947-1955

600th (Essex Regiment) Mobile HAA Regiment, RA 1947-1955

639th ( Essex Regiment) Infantry Regiment  1940 - 1947

607th ( Essex Regiment) Infantry Regiment 1940 - 1947

Essex Home Guard 1940 - 1945

Essex National Defence Companies 1937-1939


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