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The remainder of the page is for information that relates to the Regiment as a whole rather than an individual Battalion.

Information on the Regiment as a whole

Battle Honours

Battle Honours - The Kings Colours

Biographies of some members of the Regiment

Colonels of the Regiment

Essex Regimenal Chapel

Essex Regiment Locomotive

Essex Regiment Memorial Homes

Essex Regiment Museum

Sporting Honours for members of the Regiment

Staff not identified by a specific battalion

Videos of Essex Regiment

Warley Barracks

Warley Soldiers Home

Information on Specific Battalions

Index of information on Specific Essex Battalions up to 1930

Index of information on Specific Essex Battalions after 1930

Crimean War

Distinguished Conduct Medals awarded in Crimean War

South African Wars 1879 -1901

Anglo Zulu War 1879

First Boer War 1880-1881

Second Boer War 1889-1902  - Distinguished Conduct Medals awarded

Second Boer War 1889-1902 - Details of Officers who died

Second Boer War 1881-1902 - Summary of Essex Regiment Involvement

World War One

Brigades & Division in which Essex regiment served during WW1

Christmas 1914 - Essex armed forces - Stations & activities

Men mentioned in Despatches by Lord French - Battles of Mons, Marne, Aisne & Flanders

Desertion during the Great War

World War Two

D Day 1944

Specific Sources of Recruitment for WW1

Aberdeen University

Anglican Clergymen whose sons were killed in the Great War

Chelmsford Rugby Club

Kings College, Cambridge

Kings School, Canterbury

London University Officer Training College

Southend Harriers