Volunteer and Militia Parade at Chelmsford in 1861

On Whit Monday in May 1861 the Essex Volunteers joined with Essex Militia to hold a display at Hylands Park Chelmsford. 

The Militia were commanded by Major Jodrell

The 1st battalion of Essex Volunteers by Lieut Colonel Sir Claude de Crespigny

The 2nd Battalion of Volunteers by Major Tufnell ( late Captain of Chelmsford Corps)

The office of Brigadier was performed by Lieut Colonel Brise.

West Essex Militia

Lieut Colonel S B R Brise

Majors E Jodrell and C Russell

Adj R D Travers

Quartermaster C Hyder

Surgeon J T Gilson

1st Company - Capt G R Layton and Lieut Bridges

2nd Company - Capt J R Tharke and Lieut Barker

3rd Company - Capt W J Lucas

4th Company - Capt H C Fisher

5th Company - Capt H H Bird and Lieut Bury

6th Company - Capt H Edenborough

7th Company - Capt E Buckley

8th Company - Capt H R G Marriot and Lieut F Peto


1st Essex ( Romford) Ensign J Gladding plus 3 NCO and 50 rank and file

2nd Essex ( Ilford) Captains Davis and W Cotesworth, Lieuts Harvey and Wilson, Ensigns Hewett and Dobree plus 8 NCO, 82 Rank and File and 2 bands numbering 43

3rd Essex ( Brentwood) Captain Coope, Ensign Ind plus 5 NCO , 37 Rank and file and a band numbering 12

4th Essex ( Chelmsford) Major Bringhurst, Captain J S Crabb, Lieuts T M Gepp, A Meggy and Woodhouse, Ensigns Chancellor and Copland plus 5 NCO, 69 Rank and file and 2 band numbering 21

5th Essex (Stratford and West Ham)  Adj Davis, Captain Pelly, Ensigns Geere and Tanner Plus 4 NCO and 22 rank and file

6th Essex ( Colchester) Captains Bishop and Green, Lieuts Osborne and Bawtree, Ensigns Cooke and Duncan plus 7 NCO, 78 Rank and file and 1 band numbering 19

7th Essex ( Rochford) Captain Tawke, Lieut Barnard, Ensign Offin plus 4 NCO and 27 Rank and file

10th Essex ( Witham) Lieut Wood , Ensign Blood plus 2 NCO and 30 Rank and file plus 1 bugler

12th Essex (Braintree and Halstead) Captain B Sparrow, Lieut White, Ensign J E Tabor plus 3 NCO, 56 Rank and file and one bank numbering 15

13th Essex ( Dedham) Ensign Davey plus 2 NCO and 17 Rank and file

14th Essex ( Manningtree) 4 NCO and 10 Rank and file

16th Essex (Tendring Hundred) Lieut Harvey, Ensign Watson plus 6 NCO and 38 Rank and file

23rd Essex ( Maldon)  Captain Hamilton, Lieut Bentall, Ensign Hanbury plus 5 NCO, 52 Rank and file and one band numbering 15

The Felstead Cadet Corps - Lieut Gazlee, Ensign Rust and about 40 Rank and file

1st Essex Artillery Company ( Harwich) Major Bowness, 1st Lieut Daniels, 2nd Lieut Barker plus 3 NCO and 37 rank and file

2nd Essex Artillery Company ( Grays) Cpatain Wingfield Baker , 1st Lieut R Meeson , 2nd lieut C Asplin, Quartermaster F Asplin, Surgeon Dr Rea Corbet plus 3 NCO and 41 Rank and file