Hoffman Manufacturing Company Memorial

Hoffman Manufacturing Company at Chelmsford contributed greatly to the war effort in World War Two and as such was attached by the Germans on several occasions.

These attacks on 19 July 1942, 19 October 1942 and 19 December 1944 cost lives of 36 employees of Hoffman's.

The 19th December 1944 saw a V2 rocket crash directly onto the factory during the night shift causing a major loss of life.

On 19 December 1946 a memorial service for the employees was held at Chelmsford Cathedral.

Relatives and friends then went to Hoffman's factory to inspect a plaque that had been erected in their memory.


The list is a reminder that civilians as well as soldiers sometimes made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The casualties were

James Brennan

Charles Brett

Daniel Gannon

Walter Moffatt

Edward Miller

Frederick Birt

Albert Radley

Leonard Outten

Winifred Johnson

Arthur Jackson

Emily Harvey

Edith Everett

Charles Hollis

Marjorie Scott

Dorothy Hancock

Joan Munson

William Thorpe

Cissie Devonish

Catherine Murphy

Muriel Outten

Henry Brown

Harold Foley

Arthur Seager

Muriel Mullender

Alfred Stuart-Smith

Annie Sterry

Phyllis Evans

Vera Baker

Winifred Boyce

Constance Franklin

Leonard Bailey

Lilian Horne

Edith Piper

Edward Driscoll

Barbara Thorogood

Joyce Phillibrown