The Men of Essex series of books

The Men of Essex is a series of books published by the Essex Branch of the Western Front Association.

The compilers have produced a volume for each Essex Battalion providing basic information about that battalion's activities during World War One and then listing the men who died during the war.

The official records as displayed on the Commonwealth War Graves website are given added value by linking with personal information from relatives, census and medal records to provide more information about the casualties.

The main driver of the project up to volume 7 was John Bailey who sadly passed away before the completion of his vision. John quite rightly is held in the greatest respect by his fellow members and fortunately for us the work is being completed by the talented team that he assembled.

To quote John from a 'Men of Essex’ book, when describing the books and in particular those held by the British Library and other such institutions. Sometime when we and Memorials fade away there is a good chance that our “Men of Essex" will not be forgotten.

Volumes published to date

Volume 1 The Essex Yeomanry
Volume 2 4th Essex
Volume 3 5th Essex
Volume 4 6th, 15th, 16th and 17th Essex
Volume 5 7th and 8th Essex
Volume 6 3rd,4th,12th,14th,18th,19th,Depot & Garrison
Volume 7 1st Essex
Volume 8 10th Essex
Volume 9 13th Essex
Volume 10 9th Essex
Volume 11 11th Essex
Volume 12 2nd Essex