11th Volunteer Essex Rifles - Dunmow


1861 Essex Volunteers Officers listed on Army List 1861

From 1860 the 11th Essex drilled every Tuesday evening at Dunmow Town Hall.

The Rifles had a range that was 600 yards long between Braintree Road and Bumpstead Hill Wood which was the same position as the range used by Dunmow Volunteers in 1804.

Members included Rev W S Grignon who was Head Teacher at Felsted School, Ensign Herman Paul David Meyer, Ensign Charles Martin Wade, Bugler Major Wilton, Sergeant Brewster, Private Thorn and Private Young.

The Commandant was Lt J M Wilson of Fitzjohns, Great Canfield.

In August 1863, Lt John Maryon Wilson, who had held the command since the inception of the 11th EVR, resigned his commission and the Rifles closed. The reason given for closure was poor recruitment and poor attendance at drill.