1914 - Essex Regiment Territorial Army Church Parade

At the suggestion of the Lord Lieutenant , the Earl of Warwick, 7th June 1914 was adopted as territorial Day in Essex.

To mark the day Church Parades were held throughout the County. details of some are shown below.


400 people on parade including 3 companies of the 4th battalion Essex Regiment and the Battalion Band under Bandmaster Doughty.

Major C Rimmington Taylor was in charge of the parade and Col F Landon was the inspecting officer.

Territorial Efficiency medals were presented to Sgt S Burridge and Private J Richardson.


At the parade were 29 Essex Yeomanry, 33 Territorials, 14 Cyclists, 14 Red Cross ladies (under Mrs Guy Gold who was accompanied by Major Richard Marriot DSO), 40 Reserves ( under Mr E Ingold) and 9 fireman under Captain Rudkin.

Major Guy Gold was in charge of the parade and Major C S Montefiore DL was the inspecting officer.

Red Cross badges were presented to Miss Vaughn, Miss Alice Vaughn and Miss M Wilson BA, BSc.


192 on parade which included the band of the 3rd Essex.

Those on parade included F Company of 4th battalion under the command of Captain J H Landon, the Brentwood Company of Essex Yeomanry under Lt C C Tower, A Company of the 8th Essex Cyclists, the Brentwood Company of the National Reserve under Lt Col Gilbertson-Smith, The Red Cross Ladies under Mrs De Rougemony ( formerly Miss Heseltine) and the St John Ambulance under Col P Landon.


The parade included National Reservists led by Captain Thornton and QMS Sexton. Captain Lancaster of the Norfolk Regiment was also present.


The Parade was inspected by Col S C F Johnson DSO who commands the 1st Hampshire Regiment.

Lance Cpl Pannell and Private W H Pannell of the 5th Essex received medals in recognition of 13 years service.

Clacton on Sea

The parade was led by Major Taylor, Captain Douglas Smith and Lt A T Argent and was inspected by Major Fred Taylor DL.


The parade was run by Captain Thomas Gibbons consisting of 20 Essex Yeomanry under Lt P Holt, 10 Territorials under Captain Gibbons, 40 national Reserves under Sgt Portway and 16 Ladies from the Red Cross under Mrs de Vere Stacpole.

East Ham

The parade was inspected by Col harry Cooper CMG and DL


Col Tufnell inspected the parade which included Lieutenants Carson, Awberry and Farrow.


The parade was under the command of Major A Buxton of the Essex Yeomanry and the inspecting officer was Major Whitmore DL.

Units represented were D Squadron of Essex Yeomanry under Major Buxton, 3rd Essex battery of RFA led by Captain Kemsley, 6th Battalion Essex ( Signaling) led by Lt A E Loftus, Palmers School Cadets led by Lt Silverwood , Grays and Tilbury companies of National Reserve and Red Cross Nurses under command of Mrs Whitmore. 

Great Bardfield

29 Territorials under Lt Bacon and 7 ladies from the red Cross under command of Mrs Mears were on parade and were inspected by Mr A W Ruggles-Brise DL.


The parade included 50 members of E Company of the Territorials under command of A C Gould, 30 men from Halstead and Earls Colne Detachment under A Harrington and G Basham,  40 Red Cross Nurses from Halstead (under command of Miss Martin) and Gosfield/High Garrett under command of Miss D Courtauld and Pebmarsh under command of Mrs Dickinson.

Also present were Lt C S wink of the RAMC , Sgt Instructor Cramp and Mr H B Dickenson, the High Sheriff of Essex.

The parade was inspected by Col Deacon DL, Commandant of the Essex Yeomanry.


The parade was led by Captain Barrington C Wells who commands G Company of the 4th Essex Battalion and inspected by Col Sir Godfrey Thomas, Bart, CB, DSO, DL.

On parade were G Company of the 4th Essex under command of Sgt F L Blaydon and the VAD under Neville Dawson. Sgt Instructor J Biswell, Col Sgt H Halstead and Sgt G Kent from the Epping detachment of the 4th Essex were also in attendance.

The lesson was read by Captain G de M G Hoare , late of the Post Office Rifles.

Harwich and Dovercourt

The was a big parade led by Major Nalborough and inspected by Colonel A J H Ward, VD , DL


The parade was led by Major H H Slade from the 4th Essex and inspected by Mr E Murray DL.


Lieutenant D G Robertson commanded a parade which was inspected by Col J Brooke4r Ward DL.


The parade was commanded by Major Roddick of Essex Imperial Yeomanry and was inspected by Mr E N Buxton DL.

Represented in the parade were E Company of the 4th Essex under Captain Butler Harris, a detachment of the Essex Yeomanry, The National Reserve and Red Cross making a total of 235 people.


The parade was inspected by Mr H A Krohn DL.

Represented in the parade were G Company of the 5th Essex under command of Captain W E Wilson, Maldon Troop of the Essex Yeomanry and Maldon Red Cross Nurses under command of Mrs H A Krohn.


Captain J M Heron commanded the parade which was inspected by Col C R Buckle DSO who is in command of the Harwich Coast defences.


The parade consisted of 13 Territorials under Sgt Pallett, 25 national Reserves under Lt Comerford and 13 Red Cross Nurses under Miss E Jones. Col C H F Christie DL was the Inspecting Officer.


The parade consisted of the 2nd Essex Battery RFA under Lt's Capon, Pryce and Harris , A Company ( Romford) of the 4th Essex, National Reserve under Major Watkins and the band of the Romford Territorials under Sgt Drummer Fisk.

It was led by Captain A R Bryant and inspected by Henry Joslin DL.

Saffron Walden

D Company of the 8th Essex Cyclists under Lt E W Dann led the parade which was inspected by Ralph Bury DL.

Southend on Sea

The parade of 200 men was led by Major C Lloyd of the Essex and Suffolk RGA and Lt W Culverwell of 6th Essex. It was inspected by Mr James Tabor DL who presented Bombardier Briscoe of the RGA with a Territorial Efficiency Medal.


F Company of the 4th Essex , about 70 strong under the command of Lt C C Booth led the parade who were inspected by Mr Christopher W Parker DL.


A parade of about 250 men was inspected by General F S Inglefield CB DSO.

A  large parade was also held at the Cedars, West Ham which was led by Col S B Lawford and inspected by Col R B Colvin DL.


A parade of the 5th Essex led by Lt T GN Franklin was inspected by Mr A J Edwards DL.

Waltham Abbey

The H company of the Hertfordshire Territorials led the parade which was inspected by Sir Fowell Buxton.


A large parade of the 7th Essex was inspected by Col C H Colvin DSO DL.


The parade consisting of 57 National Reserves, 8 Territorials and 15 VAD under the command of Captain Shuttleworth were inspected by the Right Hon C H Strutt DL.

DL is an abbreviation for Deputy Lieutenant which was an honorary appoint made by the Lord Lieutenant.