Old Boys from Kings School Canterbury who joined Essex Regiment



Kings School, Canterbury is one of the oldest schools in England having originally been the Cathedral school.

In later years it became a Grammar School with the majority of its pupils boarding.

Four old boys served with Essex Regiment during the Great War.

George Montagu Emery

Born 9 August 1890

1912 Joined 4th Essex as Second Lieutenant

1913 promoted to Lieutenant

1915 Injured at Gallipoli

1916 Promoted to Captain


Austin Gardner

Born 28 February 1886

1907 joined 3rd Essex as Second Lieutenant

1910 promoted to Lieutenant

1915 promoted to Captain

1919 moved to Nigerian Regiment and promoted to T Major


Richard Holme Little

Born 14 December 1891

1915 Joined 2nd Essex as a Second Lieutenant

1919 demobbed at rank of Captain 

1921 Promoted to Major


Geoffrey Hamish Mercer

Born 2 March 1890

May 1918 joined Essex Regiment as Second Lieutenant

January 1919 demobbed