Help with research into Essex Regiment or Essex Yeomanry


As you are reading this page the probability is that you are trying to find out more about the Essex Regiment, Essex Yeomanry or soldiers from Essex Militias.

Family History research has two strands. Firstly finding specific data about your ancestors and then Secondly finding out how they lived and what their world was like.

The index pages listed below may help point you in the right direction  to find the information that you need.


Books - Click here for a list of books relating to Essex Military or wartime life in Essex

Buildings - Click here for details of places in Essex with military connections

Guides - Click Here to see helpful guides to research records of Essex Military Units

Lifestyle - Click Here to see pages covering the organisation of the Essex Military and lifestyle of the soldiers

Videos - Click here for videos on the Essex Regiment

Websites - Click Here to see recommended websites that are worth visiting for your research