Long Service Medals awarded to Colchester VAD

In May 1933 Lady Colvin presented long service medals to members of Essex no 48 VAD at Colchester.

Those presented with awards and their length of service are shown below. Any VAD member with 15 years service would have been active during World War One.

Mrs H B Dickinson MBE 22 years Commandant 20 VAD
Dr Agnes Estcourt-Oswald 20 years  
Miss Melissa Seaborn 23 years  
Mr M G Weller 22 years  
Mrs E J Mole 22 years West Mersea
Mrs T Lilley 22 years Wivenhoe
Mrs M E Head 22 years  
Mrs Liliam May Gosling   Quartermaster 48 VAD
Miss Helen R Castell 20 years Quartermaster
Miss Marguerite H Latham-Roberts 20 years  
Mrs Lilian M Seaborn 22 years  
Miss Evelyn G B Jones 18 years  
Miss Gladys M Joliffe 16 years  
Miss Nora M Fisher 15 Years  
Mr B Burns 22 years  
Mrs Cowan 21 years No 14 VAD , Maldon
Miss Lance 19 years No 24 VAD, Kelvedon