Red Cross Medals awarded to Waltham Abbey VAD

In March 1922  Mrs J E Wythes OBE presented  Medals to the below members of Waltham Abbey 16 VAD.


Lady Gwendoline Colvin


Miss Fisher

British Red Cross War Medal

Lady Gwendoline Colvin (Hon Commandant)

Miss Fisher (Commandant)

Miss Marshall (Quartermaster)

Mrs Greated

Miss Boyd

Miss Wilson

Miss Cleverly

Mrs Chapman

Miss A Trounce

Miss E Trounce

Miss R Walker

Miss O Walker

Miss E Cooke

Miss M davies

Miss H M Davies

Mrs Dean

Miss V Hargreaves

Miss O Hargreaves

Miss E Church

Miss Gilbert

Miss A Marshall

Miss Berry

Miss Alps

Miss Bestall

Miss Bradshaw

Miss Bust

Miss Chalk

Miss Colvin

Miss Lee

Miss D Marshall

Miss McFarlane

Miss D Priest

Miss Sapsford

Mrs Snaith

Mrs Bell

Miss Collingwood

Mrs Davis

Miss Dawson

Mrs Elliot

Mrs Fraser

Mrs Free

Mrs Holloway

Miss Oyler

Miss Tingle

Miss K Bensted

Miss R Hopkins

Mrs Uye

Miss Blo??( last 2 digits not clear in transcript)

Mentioned in Despatches

Lady Gwendoline Colvin

Miss Fisher (twice)

Miss H C Marshall

Mrs Greathed

Miss Cleverly

Miss Trounce

Miss A Marshall