C Company 1/2nd Battalion fund raising June 1917

On 1 June 1917 the May of Chelmsford made an appeal for funds, to meet a liability for uniform and to form a basic working fund for the future,  on behalf of C Company of the 1/2nd Battalion Essex Volunteer Regiment based in Chelmsford.

To date the Company had raised £1,174 towards its expenses with £399 of that money raised by the public from a  variety of events.

After purchases of rifles, uniforms and other equipment the Company was currently about £250 in debt.

The Battalion had 2 Officers and 258 men

The Company Commander was Captain A G Cleale, the Battalion Commander Sir T F Victor Buxton, the Group Commandant Col Christie and the Essex Commandant Col R Beale Colvin.

A committee (as below)  had been formed to help raise this money and future funds to keep the company financially sound.

Lt O Harrison Gray

Sgt H Kelland

Cpl Gerald Christie

Privates Smith and Stuart Trotter