Volunteer Battalions - Commision Changes 1918


Men came and left the Voluntary Battalions during the Great War. Some joined the regular army and some returned to civilian life.

Changes in Commisioned ranks were normally announced and some of those are displayed below.

11 January 1918

2/2nd VB

Temp 2nd Noble Eagle appointed

3rd VB

Temp 2nd Lt A E Luscombe appointed

5th VB

Temp 2nd Lt G Colvin appointed

25 January 1918

1st VB

Temp Lt O A Parrack resigned his commision

2/2nd VB

Captain W G Wenley to be Asst Adj

4th VB

Temp Lt A S Vinning transfers  to Sussex Volunteers

15 February 1918

1/2nd VB

Temp 2nd Lt W J McDonald appointed

8 March 1918

1st VB

William Thorne MP is appointed Hon Temp Lt Col and Battalion Commandant  

22 March 1918

1st VB

Temp Lt E C Humphrey resigned his commision

1/2nd VB

Rev I L Seymour to be Chaplain

3rd VB

Temp  Lt A E Luscombe promoted to  Asst Adjutant

12 April 1918

1st VB

MO and Temp Lt Wm Benton resigned his commision

24 May 1918

3rd VB

Temp Lt Claude W Hiscocks appointed

Temp Lt Harry A Williams appointed

31 May 1918

4th VB

Temp Lt Thomas F Tew resigned his commision

Temp 2nd Lt Geo Wm Heard appointed

 Temp 2nd Lt Thomas Byford appointed

Temp 2nd Lt  Wm E S Readall appointed

Temp 2nd Lt  Wm J Hockley

Temp 2nd Lt  Percy B Hollick appointed

3/2nd VB

Temp Lt Augustus M Bradhurst to be asst adj

19 July 1918

Temp 2nd Lt  Harry C Crookham appointed to the 4th Vol Battalion

28 June 1918

4th VB

Temp Lt George A H Wooton resigned his commision

16 August 1918

1st VB

Temp Lt John W Hawes resigned his commision

6th VB

Temp 2nd Lt Albert T Agnew resigned his commision

6 September 1918

7th VB

Major Chas Gold appointed

3rd VB

Temp Lt C F Cope transfers to Royal Sussex Volunteers

9 September 1918

5th VB

Temp 2nd Lt  John Vernon Goodes appointed

2 October 1918

1st VB

Temp Lt Herbert Eugene Jerram resigns his commission

29 November 1918

4th VB

Temp 2nd Lt  Alfred John Heasman appointed

7th VB

Temp 2nd Lt  Ronald Vyrnwy Wyld appointed

Temp 2nd Lt  John Edward Newman Sherwood appointed