Essex VB Sports Day 16 May 1918

Essex VB held a weekend camp starting on 16 May 1918 which featured a sports day on Saturday evening.

Officers present included

Lt Col J W Slater CMG MD ( Camp Commandant) , Major General Johnson ( County Commandant) Major Sir John Seton ( County Adjutant) , Captain P H Graves ( Adjutant of the 2/2nd VB), Sir Victor Fowell Buxton, General Sir T D'Oyley Snow, General Sir Chas Bingham, General Oxley, General F F Johnson CB and Brigadier General R B Colvin CB.

Unit Commanders were Majors Sir T F V Buxton, W Gurney Benham, Boulton, Lawther and Hopkins with Col Wrightson.

A special mention went to Lt Bisson of the 2/2nd VB who was a survivor from the battle of Mons.

The Officials were Major Price, Major E E King ( Motor Vehicle Volunteers), Captain Read,  Lt Cawkwell ( Instructor), Lt Whur, Lt Jones and Lt Papworth, 2nd Lt H J Lowe and  Cpl Bunham.

Winners included

Hotchisss Gun Competition

Sgt H Coleman A Company

Cpl W Thompson C Company

Cpl Hoy B Company

Pte Johnson C Company

Cpl W Thompson won especial praise as he was only 17 yrs old. He is the son of 2nd Lt J O Thompson ( 2/2nd VB) who is Deputy Mayor of Chelmsford with one brother fighting in France and another who had just been killed in action in Palestine.

100 yards

Pte T G Smith and Pte E J Double

75 yds handicap

Pte H F Pash, Cpl Appleby and  Pte Peacock

Wheelbarrow race

Ptes Evans & Baker , Ptes Mills & Welham

Officers Blindfold race

Lt H F Chamen and Lt Frank H Jones

Hotchkiss Gun

1/2nd VB Chelmsford

Drill Competition by squads from 2/2nd VB

A Company - Sgt Cox Instructor

Tug of war

2/2nd VB coached by Sgt Major Burnett

Inter Battalion Relay Race

2/2nd VB coached by Lt Bisson

Boat race

1/2nd VB

100 yds under military age

Pte Jackson, Pte T M Smith, Pte Eve