Dinners held by Companies of the 2nd, 6th and 7th VB 1919

Most of the Essex Volunteer Battalions held dinners early in 1919 to celebrate the end of the war.

Details of some of the men attending these dinners are below

2nd VB - Brentwood Platoon January 1919 - Click here for more details

2nd VB Officers January 1919 - Click here for more details

2nd Essex VB January 1919 - Epping Platoon

Lt Baddeley and Sgt Murcutt

2nd Essex VB  Jan 1919 - Ongar Detachment with the Motor Volunteers at the Kings Head Hotel

Col C H F Christie VD, Major H J Price, Lt Chamen, Lt G R Wilson, Sgt The Rev G F Rowe, Sgt C H Foster, Cpl Root,  Pte T E Rose, Pte J Gingell, Pte B Gingell, Pte F Dunn, Pte C Breedon, Pte Taylor and Pte T Powell

2nd Essex VB - February 1919 - Dengie Hundred Detachment at the Station Hotel

Captain E B Knights ( Company Commander from Brentwood) , Lt W T Potts ( Detachment Commander), Lt MacDonald, 2nd Lt Dilliway, Sgt Stiles, Sgt Cooper, Cpl Rev C G Gardner ( Tillingham), Pte W Savage Cooper, Pte  Tarr

7th Essex VB - February 1919 - Witham Platoon

Col P E Lawrence Lt W W Boulton, Lt W Taber ( Platoon Commander),  CSM Stiff,Sgt B Deal,  Pte Collingwood Hope KC

2nd Essex VB - Chelmsford Company - March 1919

Captain A G Cleale ( Compant Commandant), Captain J E Seager ( Previous Commandant) Lt Slipper, Sgt Major Porter, Sgt Major Hale, Sgt A Bolingbroke, Sgt J G Strutfield, Sgt W B Thompson, Pte L Tomalin, Pte G C Brown and Pte Suckling.

6th Essex VB - Frinton Company - May 1919

Lt Jamieson and 2nd Lt R W Regge