Closure of the Volunteer Corps

On 30 September 1919 Major General F F Johnson , Country Commandant, sent the below words to the Essex VB who ensured its closure over the following few months although it was early 1920 before the last unit closed.

Initiation has been received under War Office letter 99/859 (AG1) dated 25 September 1919 that his Majesty's approval has been obtained to carry out the disbandment of the Essex Volunteer Corps.

Officers Commanding will proceed forthwith to carry out ( as speedily as may be possible under present traffic conditions) the disbandment in the manner indicated in the above quoted letter, which has been circulated, and will at the same time communicate to each Officer and Volunteer by the most convenient method that "The Army Council desire to take this opportunity of expressing their high appreciation of the valuable services rendered during the War by all ranks of the Volunteer Force."

In making this communication and bidding farewell to the Essex Volunteer Corps, the County Commandant desires to convey his personal thanks for the loyal support he has received from his staff and all ranks during his period of command, and to add his high appreciation of the devotion to duty shown by all; during the past three years.

The Corps has earned the appreciation of their country and the County Commandant is confident that in the unsettled time before us the members of the Essex Volunteer Corps will always be found on the side of law and order.


Major A St John Seton, County Adjutant, Essex Volunteer Corps.

The orders to close the Corps were carried out so that by 4 June 1920 it was reported that the remaining £182 in the Essex Volunteer Corps Bank Account was donated to the Essex Rifle Association with the request that they hold an annual competition for old members of the corps.