Brentwood Volunteer Training Corps

Brentwood VTC were established in late 1914.

They received regular drill training at both the Grammar School and the Parochial School and rifle training in a specially established rifle range within the Burgess factory in Ongar Road, Brentwood.

By 9th January 1915 when the rifle range was opened they had over 70 members.

The Commandant was Colonel F Landon VD, Officer Major Barrett and the secretary was Mr E H Wallick.

The below men then took part in a shooting match against the Irish Guards who were then based at Warley.

J Osborn

R Davey

C Symonds

J Stephens

T Pegg

J Carr  

In March 1916 the Platoon Commander, Mr H F Chamen organised a concert to raise funds for the VTC.