Warley Barracks

Warley Barracks are the barracks most associated with the Essex Regiment.

Barracks were built in 1805 at Warley Common, that at that time was open countryside a few miles from Brentwood which had been a popular training area for the Militia Units since the 1700's.

The barracks had accommodation for 10 Officers, 306 Men and surprisingly 222 horses and was initially occupied by the Horse Artillery.

In 1842 the barracks were bought by the East India Company and substantially expanded to provide accommodation for over 1,000 men who were trained and then posted for service in India.

The War Office bought the barracks in 1861 when the occupants were the Brigade of Guards.

The Childers report brought about a major reorganisation of the British Army in 1881 when the 44th Foot and 56th Foot became the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Essex Regiment who were based at Warley.

Essex Regiment continued to be based at Warley until 1958 when they were merged with other regiments to form the 3rd East Anglian Regiment and the land was sold.

Most of the buildings have been demolished although the Chapel, Officers Mess and other buildings survive the redevelopment. For pictures of the remaining buildings click here.

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