Essex Yeomanry Rifle Competition 1904

In September 1904 the annual competition of the Essex Imperial Yeomanry Rifle Club took place at North Weald Range.

The arrangements were made by the following men from C Squadron, Essex Yeoman - Bandmaster Cock, Sergeant Major C Collis, Sergeant Major Silwood, Sergeant Gingell and Sergeant Major J C Roberts.

The Officers supervising the event were - Col R B Colvin, Lt Col Lermitte, Lt Col Patterson, Major Deacon, Major Whitmore, Captain Gosling, Captain Tritton,  Lt Roddick, Lt Wylde, Lt Gold, Lt Magor and Lt Hill.

Intersquadron Shot

1. A Squadron - Cpl Fisher, Cpl Merry , SQMS Nunn and Trooper Baker

2. D Squadron - Sgt Morgan , Sgt Major Sheppard, Cpl Brown and Trooper Evitt

3. C Squadron - Bandmaster Cock, Sgt Gingell, Trooper Crabb and Trooper Shipman

4. B Squadron - Cpl Rogers, Trooper Harrington, Trooper Craig and Trooper Goodchild

 Class A Competition 200 yards

1. Trooper Evitt  2. Trooper Crabb

Class A Competition 500 yards

1. Sgt Quick   2. Sgt Seagar

Class A 600 yards

1. Cpl Merry  2. Cpl Curie

Class B Competition

1. Cpl Leal  2. Bandsman Speller

Class C Competition

1. Trooper Barratt  2. Trooper Craig

Permanant Staff Prizes

Sgt Major Silwood ,  Sgt Major Sayer , Sgt Major Watson and RSM Roberts

Officers Cup

Captain W S Gosling